With just over 20 hours of flight instruction and six weeks since beginning my training, on Monday I flew solo for the first time. This experience was the coolest thing I have ever done in my life, hands down. I’ll never forget the feeling of achievement and satisfaction I felt completing this milestone. I am also very lucky to have an incredible video of my first solo flight.

I got to the airport on Monday with my student pilot certificate, medical certificate, and ID in tow, knowing that one of these days my instructor would be sending me off on my first solo. The weather was great, so we took to the air and flew some laps in the pattern and did some full stop taxi backs. After about the 4th one, my instructor asked if I wanted to drop him off at the ramp and go fly my first solo! I felt ready, the weather was calm, and traffic was light. I was ready to go for it.

Just prior to heading out, my instructor radioed air traffic control to give them a heads up that I was going out on my first solo and would be flying the pattern. It was late afternoon on a beautiful calm day, so most of the planes from our school were out flying that day. ATC informed us that he had about 8 aircraft inbound in around 45 minutes so there would be relatively heavy traffic around the airport. With this in mind, seeing as it was my first solo flight, I decided to do one lap and bring it back in while the airport was calm.

As I headed out on my own for the first time, I was completely focused and honestly not nervous at all. This is what I had been working for and I was excited to go out and do it. All my senses were heightened. All the knowledge, studying, and training was on the tip of my fingers and at my disposal. As I applied full power on the runway and took to the sky, there was no feeling of uneasiness or apprehension. I felt like I was one with the airplane and exactly where I wanted to be.

I’m happy to have achieved this first major milestone on my new life journey and can’t wait to continue my training and working to my ultimate goal of commercial airline pilot.

Enjoy the video!


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